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How to connect my TikTok account to indaHash app?
How to connect my TikTok account to indaHash app?

If you want to add your TikTok account to indaHash account this article is for you. We will take you step by step through the process.

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1. First, open the indaHash app and go to ‘’My profiles’’ section. Once you are there, you will see TikTok - find it and click on “Add account’’.

2. Next you will see a screen where we will invite you to register your TikTok in our app. In order to move forward, hit the ‘’Sure, gladly’’ button.

3. Afterwards you will see the screen, when we will ask you to put your TikTok account login. Click the button ‘’Save and continue’’.

4. Within the next step let us verify your account, please copy emojis that will be visible on the screen. Once your account is successfully connected you can remove emojis from the BIO.

5. In order to put emojis in your BIO, open your TikTok account, and go to ‘’Edit Profile’’. Next click on the BIO section where you can paste copied emojis. Remember to click ‘’Save’’ after doing that.

6. Time for the last step. Come back to the app and click the ‘’Already Done’’ button to finish adding the account.

7. Afterwards you should see the screen, where we are informing you, that our moderator will verify your account.

All done! Now our moderators will verify your account just to make sure your account meets all the basic requirements and contains appropriate content. Once you have received an acceptance you can start earning money with your TikTok account. 😉

In case of any other questions please feel free to contact us via chat available in our app or via email at


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