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You’re facing problems while login? Let’s solve it!
You’re facing problems while login? Let’s solve it!

Bunch of different notifications appear when you try to login? Let us help you to get through this jungle and finally access your account!

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What popups can you come across in the app? 

It means you’re on the registration board! Switch to the login one and insert the data you used during the registration process. 

If you can’t change the view, it means you need to finish your registration as you didn’t complete it the last time. In case nothing works just reach out to us at  

  • ‘User with specific email or username was not found’

If you inserted your handle to log in, try using your e-mail. If you entered your email, try to login with your handle. Doesn’t work? Try registration!

What other problems can you face?

  • I forgot my password

Reset it on the login board. You didn’t receive an email? Check the ‘SPAM’ folder because it likes to hide there.

  • I forgot the e-mail address used to login

Just try to login with your IG handle and password. 

When you finally reach your account, check or change your e-mail address in the ‘My data & account’ section so this situation won’t happen again. Forewarned is forearmed! 😉

  • I’m trying to log in but the registration board keeps on appearing

Just finish the registration process by filling the remaining fields and you’ll be all set.

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