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What do we look for while verifying content for campaigns?
What do we look for while verifying content for campaigns?

Are you wondering what criteria we take into account when checking pictures? This article is for you.

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Before posting the picture on your Instagram for the campaign, we have to check several criteria in order to make each and every campaign as successful as possible.

After you upload the picture to the app, our moderators manually check all the images and make sure your proposal meets all of the criteria, this check has three main steps:

First, we check if the picture meets the campaign task. Remember that it should meet all the requirements mentioned in the task description. Next we assess if the image is of good quality, looks appealing, does not contain any inappropriate content, or competitive brands or products.

Last, but definitely not least, we make sure the description that you have prepared has all the necessary information, hashtags and tags.

Moderators also give you suggestions on how to improve material in order for it to become eligible for the campaign. 

We hope this article helped you understand what criteria we take into account when moderating proposed content. . 

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