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If you are wondering how to increase your engagement rate this article is for you. We‘ve prepared several tips that can help you!

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As you may know, in the indaHash app we calculate the engagement rate of your account based on the level of interaction with your followers. Engagement rate affects lots of things like your payment rate, or the willingness of brands to accept your account for their campaign etc. So it is really important to make sure your ‘ER’ is as high as possible and the number of likes and comments are growing as the number of your followers increases.  

We have some tips that can help you raise the engagement rate on your profile:

  1. Ask questions and encourage your followers to express their opinions about specific topics. This will allow you to establish a closer relationship with your followers

  2. Respond to your followers' comments under your posts and do it as soon as you can

  3. Like your followers' photos and comment on their posts

  4. Add post locations, popular hashtags, etc.

  5. Post photos regularly and as often as possible

  6. Tag your friends in your photos

  7. Organize competitions for your followers

  8. Use community hashtags and geotags

  9. Post Insta Stories and Live streams with your followers to establish a closer and more personal relationship with audience

  10. Try to remove fake or suspicious accounts that are following you and are completely inactive (unfortunately, the only option is to manually block each of them separately). Identifying these accounts is easier than it seems,  these are usually accounts with strange names, a low number of posts and poor quality content; so it's pretty easy to detect them

  11. Change your account settings to a business account and then analyze your charts. Thanks to this you will know what is the best time is to post and what your followers’ activity looks like on your account (number of views, distribution of likes, number of entries per profile)

  12. Give shoutouts to your followers/inspirations

We hope these tips will make your accounts’ engagement rate grow. Please remember that it takes time for your engagement rate to grow and you need to be patient and consistent in order for it to go up. 

If you are wondering what exactly is the engagement rate and how it is calculated, check out our article WHAT IS ENGAGEMENT RATE.

  • In case of any other questions please feel free to contact us via chat available in our app or via email at support@indahash.com

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