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How should my account look in order to have more campaigns?
How should my account look in order to have more campaigns?

If you wonder how your account should look in order to have more campaigns then this article is perfect for you!

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You still don’t have as many campaigns as you would like? Wonder what can be done to improve your account? We have some tips for you on how to do it!

First of all, you have to know that our clients look for profiles that have a lot of creative, interesting, high quality content so that their ads can blend in among other pictures and match the overall aesthetics of your account. It is very important, because by doing so the ad comes across as more natural, drawing more attention to your profile.

We will walk you through the main concepts that will allow your Instagram feed to shine among others. 

1. Posting diverse content! 

Incorporate selfies, flatlays, landscapes, family pictures, videos etc. on your Instagram feed. Adding to your feed photos that are varied will not only make your account more interesting to other Instagram users but also will help create content that will perfectly blend with eventual advertisements you wish to publish in order to make money. It will also make your account more suitable for advertising many different brands!

2. Quality is the key! 

When you look at the most successful account on Instagram they have one particular thing in common, and that is quality of pictures they publish. So how the perfect picture should look like? Well, we, unfortunately, can't give you the perfect recipe for a great shot, but there are several things that can improve your photo! When you take and later edit your post take elements like this into consideration: light, object you are photographing, angle, resolution of the picture. Get creative! After you take a photo you can edit it in various programs that will allow you to improve its colour, lightning and other parameters (our faves: Snapseed, VSCO cam, Afterlight etc.). 

3. Consistency on your feed.

It's crucial that your posting patterns aren't random. Think about how often do you want to share your photos, twice a week, three times, or even every day? But make sure you do that at least once a week, so your followers keep seeing your posts. That will make them more likely to engage and leave likes and comments under your photos. 

Choose the color scheme for your profile, it can be mostly light colors or vise versa, or decide to use only one/similar filter for all the pictures you post. Making your feed aesthetic pleasing is a key to get the desirable “follow” click.

4. Appreciate and engage your followers! 

No matter how big of an influencer you are, you still owe all of your success to your followers. Establish a great relationship with them by acknowledging their importance. Check out the article Engagement rate tips to discover even more ways on how to engage your audience into content.

5. InstaStories are a great insight 

They are full-screen canvas for the creative mind. Little snaps from your day show your real life energy. By posting InstaStories up to 3 times a day you create more content flow which will keep your account on followers’ main page. Moreover by attaching location or hashtags to the story you have a much higher chance to appear in people’s recommendations page.

6. Keep up with trends and updates

Instagram is constantly developing. Recent trends like IGTV, highlights and filters for stories are at the top of popularity now as it is something new and innovative. Be up to date with all the new features and updates to catch the hype and gain following in the most creative ways possible. Make sure to follow @indahash on Instagram, where we give you all the hottest updates from the social media world.

7. Visual stuff is important but remember about your audience quality

Check out article we have created with all the tips on how to eliminate fake followers  FAKE FOLLOWERS - HOW TO AVOID THEM?

We hope that this article helps you understand how important the look of your accounts, and that it gave you some ideas how you can make it even better! If there’s still something not quite clear just pop us a message at, we’ll be happy to help! 

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