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When can I remove or archive post from a campaign?
When can I remove or archive post from a campaign?

In this article, we explain how long your campaign post should stay on your social media, and what happens if you delete or archive it.

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Wondering how long should you keep a campaign post on your social media? You’ve come to the right place 😉!

According to our rules & regulations, it is extremely important that posts you have made for the campaign stay on your social media profile for 365 days. 


What if I archived a post?

Archiving campaign posts is also a breach of indaHash rules & regulations. When you archive them, even for a moment, our system loses connection to the post and treats it the same way as deleting it 😱

For this reason, archiving your post is breaching the agreement between us and the client because content loses its commercial function sooner. As soon as your post is archived, you will get a pop-up screen inside your app informing that the pictures were removed and asking to restore it. If you won’t do it, payment for this campaign will be taken away from your account ☹️

If your campaign post has been archived, please let us know at as soon as possible - depending on the circumstances, we will do our best to assist. 


If you delete your post before 365 have passed, there is no way back! 😟 Similarly as in the case of archiving your post, the payment will be taken away, but this time, there won’t be anything that we can do. So please be careful out there and make sure your account is well protected 😏

Let your posts hang on your feed for 365 days and stay awesome 😎

  • In case of any other questions please feel free to contact us via chat available in our app or via email at


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