How can I join indaHash Deal campaign?

Wondering how to participate in indaHash Deal campaign? This article describes the process of joining indaHash Deal in details.

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The idea of exchanging your creative content for discounts is brilliant, but how exactly do you join indaHash deal? Let’s get to know step by step how to cooperate with brands using indaHash deal.

All available indaHash Deal campaigns can be found on the main page of the indaHash application. They have a pink triangle that informs about the size of the discount on the advertised product or service.

Now it’s time to join an indaHash Deal Campaign!

First thing first, after clicking “see more” you’ll receive a pop-up informing you about all indaHash Deal campaign details. You need to accept them and also you can click “don’t show me again”,if everything is clear.

 Then familiarize yourself with the content of the task, check the product or service and then express your willingness to participate in the campaign by clicking the 'I want to exchange' button.

If your account is selected by the brand, you will receive a push and email notification about it, and after opening the app you will see a discount code dedicated to you! The last step is the best one! Buy a product with the dedicated code! Keep in mind that this campaign will be added to the 'My campaigns' section.

After making the purchase, you will be required to prepare a photo in line with the campaign's task and publish it on your Instagram account within 7 days from the day you receive the ordered product. Then add the URL to the photo through the indaHash application.

In the case of comments regarding the published photo, the brand will contact you via email or telephone to arrange the details.

You are all set? Congrats! It's an indaHash deal!

P.S. Don’t forget, that after completing the campaign, brands will have the opportunity to evaluate the course of cooperation with a given influencer and ratings be visible to other brands. Thanks to this assessment, other brands will have the opportunity to view the history of the influencers collaboration and decide whether to invite them to participate in campaigns.

Check out what is indaHash Deal campaign here → WHAT IS INDAHASH DEAL and make sure to watch youtube video about that

We hope this article helped you understand how to join indaHash Deal. 

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