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How can I change the country of registration?
How can I change the country of registration?

Are you wondering how to change the country of registration? This article will help explain which steps you should follow.

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During the registration process you will be asked to choose your country of registration. Please make sure to choose the country where most of your followers come from. Our campaigns are created for specific markets, and their goal is to promote products for audiences in specific locations. 

If, by chance you have selected the wrong country or app set it on incorrect one automatically, no worries, changing your country of registration is not that difficult.

In order for you to change the country of registration on the one where most of your followers come from, you need to send us a video of statistics regarding where most of your followers are located. 

How to do that? 

  • You can gain access to such statistics by setting your Instagram account as a business one. 

  • Check out the step by step instruction provided by Instagram here -> Set Up a Business Profile on Instagram

  • Then send us a video recording in which we will be able to see: your profile name, countries of your followers’ origins (not cities) and the percentages which you can access by clicking on the chart. 

We need that information because the campaigns you're going to take part in are directed to a specific national group. For example, when you register in the USA, most of your followers must have access to the products available in the US.  Our campaigns are exclusively run on this market and therefore it would be pointless to advertise those products to the audience another countries. So the main focus is on where your followers currently live, not where you come from. It is only possible to change the country if the majority of your followers are from the country you want to register in. 

  • Please note that only after receiving the statistics from you we will be able to change the country of your registration.

We hope this article helped you to understand what steps you need to follow to change the country of registration.

  • In case of any other questions please feel free to contact us via chat available in our app or via email at

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