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How to participate in indaHash campaigns - a step by step guide
How to participate in indaHash campaigns - a step by step guide

You’re wondering how to participate in indaHash campaign? In this article, you can find all the answers.

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When your account is active you can check the main screen in the indaHash app to see all the available campaigns for your account. The first thing you need to do is choose a campaign which looks interesting to you. Click ‘see more’ on the one you like and read the task description. If you would like to participate in this campaign simple press the ‘I am interested’ button below the screen. Now you have signed up and marked your profile as interested in this campaign.

What you need to know is that our campaigns can have up to three steps involved: recruitment, pre-moderation, and moderation. 

  • Pre-moderation is all about preparing and moderating content before publishing it on Instagram. Here are the steps you need to take in a pre-moderation campaign?

  1. Read the task description carefully and if you like it click ‘i’m interested’. 

  2. Prepare your content with a caption matching all the guidelines. 

  3. Go to the section ‘My campaigns’ and upload your proposition to the appropriate campaign by clicking ‘Propose content’ and inserting all the details (photo/video/etc, the caption with the tags, hashtags, and any other requested details). 

  4. The status of your proposition will change to ‘We’re checking your image’.

  5. After a few days, your content should be accepted, corrected or rejected.If it needs some changes, make them and then re-upload it the same way you did before. Once your proposition gets accepted you’re now in the moderation stage! 

  • You’re almost there! Moderation is the last step! What you need to do now is to publish the content through the app.

1.After receiving a message about the acceptance of your content open the app and confirm your imminent publication by clicking ‘Join now’ - it’ll reserve your budget in the campaign for 24h

2.Now you have 2 buttons to choose from: 

a. you can press ‘I’m on it’ which takes you to your Instagram account so you can publish the post or
b. you can click ‘Already done’ if it’s already done. 😉

3. After posting, our moderator will accept your photo and your account will be charged up with your payment rate. 

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to message us on, we’re happy to help you!


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