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What are the requirements to become an indaHash influencer?
What are the requirements to become an indaHash influencer?

Wondering what it takes to become an influencer? This article is for you! Take a look to find out about our requirements to become accepted.

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If you want to become an indaHash influencer, it is important that your Instagram profile meets our requirements. Once it is accepted, you’ll be able to link your other social media accounts (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter). For your profile to gain commercial value, we need to see that you have an engaged audience and that the ads you’ll post on your profile will get through to people, and therefore fulfill their commercial purpose.

The first step for your account to be verified is to reach the minimum numbers: at least 5000 followers, 40 posts, and a specific level of the engagement rate. The latter depends on your country of registration. If you’re not there yet you can sign up anyway, your account will wait in our database until it is ready for verification. To see how far you are from becoming active, you can check the requirement bars that pop up in your app. They look like this:

You might notice that your account already has reached these numbers on Instagram, but in our app it seems like the data has not gone up. No need to worry, when it comes to accounts that have yet to be activated, these numbers sync with those profiles every seven days. 

In some cases, you will notice that the bars are full and the requirements have been met, but the board looks like this:

It means that your account is now waiting in line for our moderator to verify it. In case of any doubts, feel

 free to message us on We’ll check your account’s status and let you know about it.

Once minimal requirements are met, our moderators view your profile. We look for profiles with fun, unique and creative posts, and for varied and lifestyle themed subject matter. We also have some specific rules regarding the content that our users publish. They were created to make sure your account will be able to participate in the campaigns. If any content violates our policy, we will inform you about it with a message that’ll pop up in your app, so that you can fix it and let us know and we’ll verify it again. Our policy looks at the following: 


Generally, we require that our influencers’ profiles contain only posts created by them. Our clients search for accounts with authentic and personal content, that draws followers’ attention to the person behind the account. Photos and videos taken from other sources, text graphics etc. are not accepted.

Fanpages, meme pages etc.

Fanpages and meme pages aren’t pages that followers make strong connections to. We look for profiles with personal content, because it establishes a real relationship with followers. Thanks to that, the advertisement posts you’ll publish on your profile are more authentic and credible to your fans.

Buying activity

We don’t accept profiles with fake followers and fake likes. We value real activity and natural growth in followers and likes because it guarantees genuine interest in your account. It’s the only way our clients can be sure that your account will complete its commercial purpose and inform real followers about their product. Buying fake likes and followers deny the objective of the advertisement and therefore we’re very strict about this. 

There you have it! These are all the requirements to become an active user. In case of any doubts or questions, feel free to message us on or in the in-built communicator in the app. We’ll be more than happy to help. 

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