Snapchat account requirements.

If you are wondering what are the requirements for Snapchat accounts to be accepted in the indaHash app this article is for you.

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In order for your account to be approved in the indaHash app, it must be public. Moreover, when moderating Snapchat profiles we make sure that on average your snaps get 100 views or more. 

Sample Snapchat stats screenshot

Provided screenshots should contain snaps from at least 20 hours before. Snaps added for example 1 hour ago will be not included in calculating the average. 

If your account meets our minimum limits, your account will be connected and you will start to see Snapchat campaigns in our app. And that’s it! You'll be free to snap for brands now.

  • In case of any other questions please feel free to contact us via chat available in our app or via email at

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