How to join indaHash?

So you’re interested in making money on your Instagram? Here you’ll find a step-by-step instruction on how you can join the indaHash app.

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So, you own an Instagram account that’s followed by a lot of people? Great! First thing you need to do is  to download our app from the Google Play or App Store. Then you have to complete the registration process, don’t worry it’s really easy. When you open our app you see two options “New registration” or “Log in”. 

As a new user click on “New registration” there you will be able to choose if you want to register with your Facebook account or e-mail address. If you choose to register with a Facebook  account you will be redirected to a Facebook log in page. But if you prefer to use your e-mail address the app will simply ask you to provide your e-mail and also set up a password for your account.  You completed this step, great! 

Then you’ll be asked to type your Instagram name, the country you live in, gender and birth year, as well as accept our Terms of service  and Privacy policy

The next step will be pairing your Instagram account with our app.

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