Want to get rid of an underscore in your profile name or maybe divide two words with a dot? No worries, usually changing your account name will not influence your indaHash app data.

First scenario

When you change your Instagram name our system should detect it within 2 days. That’s all there is no other actions required from your end. 

Second scenario

However, there is the second option. Sometimes when you change your Instagram name our system does detect it but is not able to track your new Instagram name. Therefore, when you will open our app it should request you to provide your new Instagram name. Just enter the new profile name and you are all set!

Third option

If your name did not change automatically and the app did not ask you to provide a new name, please contact indaHash support. 

Provide us with your new Instagram username and it will be changed manually. You can contact indaHash support via chat feature in the app or via email at  support@indahash.com

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