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Why don't I have any campaign available?
Why don't I have any campaign available?

Working hard on your profile but have no campaigns? This article contains reasons why there is no proposition of cooperation for you.

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We're adding new campaigns almost every day in the indaHash app. But it's possible that your account has nothing available at the moment. There’s a variety of reasons for you not to see a campaign, it’s not necessary that your account is not appealing enough or you are not working hard enough. Do not worry, there are couple of possible reasons why nothing appears in the app yet.

Let’s get through those reasons to calm you down.

As you might know, every campaign (not only in influencer marketing) has its own, different criteria created by our clients. In our case, they can be as simple as:

  • sex,

  • age,

  • reach of posts (how many people on average see your posts),

But quite often, there are additional criteria that an account has to meet, to be able to see and potentially participate in a specific campaign. For example: 

  • type of published content (parenting, fitness, travel etc.),

  • the frequency of posting commercial content (how often do you post ads),

  • quality of content,

  • certain ‘feel’ that brand is going for,

  • presence of a competitor brands and so on.

If you don’t see any campaign in your indaHash account, it’s probable we don’t have any ongoing campaigns for the group of influencers you've been classified to.

Please remember that our team is working very hard to bring in as many campaigns as possible and probably soon you will find one campaign just for your account!. Please check our app regularly, and make sure to also turn on notifications on your mobile device and read our emails. 

If you think something is wrong with your app please do not hesitate to contact us via chat feature in our app or via email

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