Depending on the country of registration our influencers have two options for withdrawing money received for completed campaigns - via PayPal or Bank Transfer. With our app, the most popular way of withdrawing money is with a PayPal account. Withdrawing money via PayPal is a very simple process and you can complete it under 5 minutes! 

In order for us to send you money, you have to attach your PayPal’s e-mail address in the section “My data & account” of the indaHash app (if you don’t have a PayPal account you will have to create it first). You can access the “My Data & Account” section it by clicking the sidebar button in the upper left corner. There you’ll see your personal information such as e-mail, telephone number, address and birthday, and here is where you can add and update your payment information. 

 After scrolling down, you’ll also see “PayPal e-mail address”, you have to insert e-mail you’re using for PayPal there. Remember to  successfully withdraw the money all data in the  “My data & account” such as your name and surname, billing address etc. must be correct. When you’re done click “save changes” and that’s all! 

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