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How to withdraw the money you earned?

You earned money with indaHash and you want to withdraw it? The article below will show you how properly request and receive your payment.

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For each successfully finished campaign, you receive a certain pay rate mentioned on the main screen of our app. If you want to withdraw your earned money, you have to:

  • Meet the minimum withdrawal amount you can find this amount in the 'Money' section as it varies depending on the market.

  • Enter correct data in 'My data & account': 

  • Go back to your account’s “Money” section and click 'Withdraw'.

Now your payment should be marked as ‘Payment pending’ which means our Finance Department is processing your payment. 

If you forgot whether you already withdrew your payment or not, remember that you can always check your earning history and withdrawals in the ‘Money’ section. 

Now you know the full process and you can fully enjoy earning money with indaHash.

Good Luck and Happy Campaigning!

In case of any other questions please feel free to contact us via chat available in our app or via email at

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