What is the engagement rate?

If you are wondering what is engagement rate and how it is calculated by indaHash, this article is for you!

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When you join the indaHash app you see “engagement rate” everywhere. It's time to reveal the secrets of engagement rate and explain its importance.

Engagement rate is a sum of likes and comments divided by the number of your followers. Basically, it indicates how active your followers are under your posts. Our system sums up your audiences’ likes and comments to calculate your engagement. The higher your engagement the better! You can check your engagement rate in the ‘rankings’ section inside your app.

Engagement rate is important, as it allows our clients to see how many of your followers will respond to ads you post on your profile.

Please note that our system identifies rapid jumps in indicators and inauthentic subscribers and all suspicious changes on an account might result in the blocking of that account and then wouldn’t be allowed in any campaigns.

We hope this article helped you to figure out what is engagement rate. If you still have questions about this or other subjects please do not hesitate and contact us via chat in our app or email at support@indahash.com.


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