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How to pair your Instagram account using the #check.
How to pair your Instagram account using the #check.

If you’re wondering how to pair your Instagram account with indaHash app using the specially generated #check, this article is for you.

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After completing the registration process you’ll be asked to add the specially generated #check0000... (it will have its own unique number) in the description of your most recent Instagram photo (Please, NOT in the comment section!).

The syncing of data might take a moment, so after adding the hashtag please wait a few minutes before you  go back into the indaHash app and click the “Connect account” button. 

Remember that for you to be accepted as an indaHash influencer your account must meet all of our requirements; such as a minimum number of posts, followers, and a proper engagement rate.🔍 (Learn more about our requirements here) 

After that our moderator will check your account to verify if you aren’t posting content that is against our Rules and Regulations e.g. photos taken from the internet, memes, images with quotes, etc.☝️ (Learn more about our Rules and Regulations) If everything is correct you will be accepted as an indaHash influencer! 👍  

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